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Episode # 52 (Happy Memorial Day!)

25 May

Episode # 40 (I Lied! I’m Knitting Presents for Christmas)

16 Dec

I’m knitting/crocheting presents for Christmas, although I said I wouldn’t.  I’m making a crocheted afghan for my grandmother, who used to crochet, and is now 94 years old.  I know she will love it!  I’m also knitting my hubby a pair of Jeck Socks,  For myself, I’m knitting the Wintersweet shawl by Boo Knits.

A discount of 20% off on all items in my Etsy store, now until 12/24/14!  Black Horse Fashions

My sister’s shop on Etsy is called Kit’s Fun Creations.  She often sells craft items made from buttons and fantastic beaded jewelry.  All proceeds are used towards paying for her diabetic service dog.

Thanks for supporting both my sister and me in our crafty endeavors.


Episode # 27 (Take 4!)

10 Jun

WIP – Granny’s 1930s Shawl by Kimberly Dominic
FO – Granny’s 1930s Shawl and 1959 Sweater with pearls
Upcoming projects – Mrs. Bakery Bear, by Kay Jones and Liesl by Ysolda Teague


Episode # 25 (Big Weekend Coming Up!)

14 May

WIP – Shawls…. Lots of Granny’s 1930’s Shawls. Knitted Patchwork squares to cover my sewing bench. Finished objects – I blocked my sister’s shawl and I finished adding fringe to my mom’s shawl.

Vintage book – Columbia-Minerva, High Fashion, Book # 760.

Enhancements – 1.) Weekend Hats by Interweave Press 2.) 55 Christmas Balls to Knit by Arne & Carlos

What’s coming up? 1.) A new pattern will be released called “Granny’s 1930’s Shawl”. 2.) The “Granny’s 1930’s Shawl KAL” will start this weekend. For details, check out the Me & My Dog & Some Yarn Video Podcast group on Ravelry. 3.) There will be a shop update in my Etsy store this Sunday night at 6 PM Central. https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlackHorseFashions


Episode # 24 (Poor lil’ Dottie)

2 May

WIP – The shawl for my Aunt Becky, pattern to be published for free on Ravelry in the next week or so. I’m fringing my sister’s shawl.
FO – The Bucket Hat in Peaches & Crème Cotton in the Fiesta colorway. This will be given to my grandmother for her 94th birthday on May 9th.
Vintage Show & Tell – Columbia Minerva Leaflet # 2524, “In Shawls” from the 1970’s.


Episode # 23 (Surprise… It’s Kanga!)

26 Apr

Thanks for watching! I have no FOs in this episode, but I’ve ripped out my husbands socks and started again using the Stars at Night Sock pattern, by me (Kimberly Dominic). I’ve almost finished my mother’s shawl. The winner for the Knit Picks Shadow lace yarn is announce and a new contest has been started! Also, coming soon… a Granny’s 1930’s Shawl knit-a-long… and there will be prizes!


Episode #22 (Lexi Arrives!)

14 Apr

FOs – I finished knitting Kit’s shawl, but fringe needs to be added.

WIP – Started my mom’s shawl in Knit Picks Palette, in the Fushia colorway.

My pattern for Granny’s 1930s Shawl is currently being tested on Ravelry and will be published sometime the first of May.

Future projects – Double Knit Bunny (for my grandma’s Easter basket)

Prize Giveaway – Knit Picks Shadow in the Oregon Coast Heather colorway


Episode #16 (Day in the Garden)

22 Feb

Yes! Spring is here and I plan to work in the garden today… but before I do, here is my latest episode!

WIP – Quite Continental by Boo Knits – knit with Knit Picks Stroll Glimmer in black with clear size 6/0 beads with silver centers. It will be done tonight, in time to qualify for the Ravellenics!
No finished objects of stash enhancements this week.

If you’ve enjoyed watching the podcast and would love to meet some fellow knitters, please join our group on Ravelry! We’d love to meet you.

Vintage Baby Blanket

14 May

blanket4A friend of mine from work and his wife, were expecting their first child. When I heard the news, I knew I had to knit him/her something and it had to be from one of my vintage patterns. After all, I haven’t had the opportunity to knit for a baby in a long time. I flipped through all my vintage baby knitting booklets and found an adorable knitted blanket with a satin edging. Since they didn’t want to know the sex of the baby until it was born, I thought a knitted blanket would be a perfect gift. Plus, the baby would get to use the blanket longer, since it was something that he/she wouldn’t out grow quickly.

My friend has seen me knitting before and commented that most yarn gives him the creeps, since his fingers are always rough and dry. So while shopping for yarn, I found some super soft yarn. Surprisingly, it was made by Red Heart and it’s called “Soft Baby Steps”. I chose white, since the sex was not known, and for the fact that the white satin would match nicely to the white yarn. So I immediately casted on and went to knitting. The knitting part was finished in about two weeks, and that was with me only knitting for a few hours in the evening.

I decided to lightly block the blanket because the salvage edges were curling badly and I was having a hard time pinning the satin edging to the blanket. I soaked the blanket in cool water, patted dry with a towel and stretched, just slightly to make the blanket flat. I was careful not to stretch too much, because I wanted the satin binding to look nice once the recipient washed the blanket. After the blanket was dry, about 2 days later, I pinned the statin binding to the blanket, placing the edge of my knitting into the crease of the binding. I made sure all the corners were folded in the same directions. Then I hand stitched the binding to the blanket. I thought it would look nicer to stitch one side of the blanket, then flip it over and stitch the other edge of the binding to the blanket, instead of trying to catch both sides all at once. I’m very happy with the results! I also stitched the creases on the corner now, so little fingers and toe wouldn’t get caught. It was finished just in time, one day before little Charlie made his appearance. Charlie was born on May 1st at 8 AM and weighted 9 lbs 3 oz.. Welcome to the world little Charlie!!! I hope you will enjoy your new blanket made especially for you!





Maw Maw’s Triangle Shawl

13 Jul

Last weekend, my mother gave me a pattern, written out my by Maw Maw for a triangle shawl, which she found in some of Maw Maw’s old knitting books.  I’m assuming that my Maw Maw copied the pattern out of a book.   When I saw this pattern, I was so excited.  I wondered if Maw Maw had ever got around to knitting it?  And if she did, did she use the yarn that the pattern called for?  It called for 5 skeins of Columbia Minerva Reverie.  I knew I had to make this shawl and out of the same yarn.  Ideally, I would have loved making it out of yellow, which was Maw Maws favorite color, but knowing this yarn would be hard to locate, I was willing to make it out of any color.  I immediately went searching eBay, Etsy and Ravelry for 5 skeins.  I came across another Raveler who had 5 skeins for sale.  She sold me the yarn in the most beautiful turquoise color, and shipped it out the same day.  I was so excited yesterday to find it in my mail box.  I casted on last night with size 13US needles, so I know this will knit up quickly.  The pattern says to “increase one stitch on each side”.  It doesn’t say how to increase, so I pulled out one of my old knitting books and looked up “increase”.  The only increase method mentioned was to kfb, so that is the increase I will be using.  I can’t wait to get it made and I think I will make me a dress to wear with the shawl.  I also plan to frame the hand-written pattern and display it in my craft room.  I’ll post pictures of the finished shawl upon completion.