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Episode # 23 (Surprise… It’s Kanga!)

26 Apr

Thanks for watching! I have no FOs in this episode, but I’ve ripped out my husbands socks and started again using the Stars at Night Sock pattern, by me (Kimberly Dominic). I’ve almost finished my mother’s shawl. The winner for the Knit Picks Shadow lace yarn is announce and a new contest has been started! Also, coming soon… a Granny’s 1930’s Shawl knit-a-long… and there will be prizes!


Episode #22 (Lexi Arrives!)

14 Apr

FOs – I finished knitting Kit’s shawl, but fringe needs to be added.

WIP – Started my mom’s shawl in Knit Picks Palette, in the Fushia colorway.

My pattern for Granny’s 1930s Shawl is currently being tested on Ravelry and will be published sometime the first of May.

Future projects – Double Knit Bunny (for my grandma’s Easter basket)

Prize Giveaway – Knit Picks Shadow in the Oregon Coast Heather colorway


Episode #21 (Another Short Podcast)

29 Mar

WIP – Granny’s 1930’s Shawl (for Kit), yarn bombed sewing bench using the Knitted Patchwork Recipe, and vanilla socks.
No FOs. 😦


Episode # 20 (No Time for Knitting)

23 Mar

This week has been super busy and there hasn’t been a lot of knitting going on, but I did want to film to show you the little bit that I have knitted. I’m still working on yarn bombing my sewing bench, my husband’s vanilla socks and the shawl for my sister. There are no finished objects this week, but I do give out a prize. Good luck on the prize and thanks for watching!


Episode # 19 (Granny’s Shawl)

16 Mar

WIP – Knitted Patchwork Recipe – to yarn bomb my sewing bench. A pair of vanilla socks for hubby. And, “Shawls for Special Ladies” – a total of 5 shawls copied from an old shawl knit by my Granny, for her oldest daughter (my Aunt Rheta).

No FOs this week.


Episode # 18 (A Special Guest)

7 Mar

Meet my mom and see what we are knitting on! I’m working on a 1930’s shawl, recreated by looking at a shawl my Granny made for my Aunt Rea (my Maw Maw’s oldest sister). The yarn is Knit Picks Palette. My mom is working on a #50 ruffled shawl by Mac&Me out of Hill Country Weaver’s Peruvian wool. Finished objects – I have a pair of Turkish Bed Socks complete and mom has a shawlette, called Cassis shawlette, completed. Vintage pamphlet insert from a Feb. 1964 issue of Women’s Day magazine, which belonged to my Maw Maw.


Episode #16 (Day in the Garden)

22 Feb

Yes! Spring is here and I plan to work in the garden today… but before I do, here is my latest episode!

WIP – Quite Continental by Boo Knits – knit with Knit Picks Stroll Glimmer in black with clear size 6/0 beads with silver centers. It will be done tonight, in time to qualify for the Ravellenics!
No finished objects of stash enhancements this week.

If you’ve enjoyed watching the podcast and would love to meet some fellow knitters, please join our group on Ravelry! We’d love to meet you.


Episode #15 (Podcast Celebration)

12 Feb

Yay! We have reached over 200 members in our Me And My Dog And Some Yarn Video Podcast Group on Ravelry! To celebrate, I’m giving each member of the group, a free sock pattern, designed by me! Watch the podcast for details.

My WIP – Heart Blanket for the Girl by Jane Ellison and Quite Continental by Boo Knits
My finished project – Turkish Bed Socks by Churchmouse
Stash – Items from a nearby estate sale. I scored big time with the knitting items!


Episode #8 (Winter is Here!)

25 Nov


Episode #6 – Happy November!

4 Nov