Archive | March, 2014

Episode #21 (Another Short Podcast)

29 Mar

WIP – Granny’s 1930’s Shawl (for Kit), yarn bombed sewing bench using the Knitted Patchwork Recipe, and vanilla socks.
No FOs. 😦


Episode # 20 (No Time for Knitting)

23 Mar

This week has been super busy and there hasn’t been a lot of knitting going on, but I did want to film to show you the little bit that I have knitted. I’m still working on yarn bombing my sewing bench, my husband’s vanilla socks and the shawl for my sister. There are no finished objects this week, but I do give out a prize. Good luck on the prize and thanks for watching!


Episode # 19 (Granny’s Shawl)

16 Mar

WIP – Knitted Patchwork Recipe – to yarn bomb my sewing bench. A pair of vanilla socks for hubby. And, “Shawls for Special Ladies” – a total of 5 shawls copied from an old shawl knit by my Granny, for her oldest daughter (my Aunt Rheta).

No FOs this week.


Episode # 18 (A Special Guest)

7 Mar

Meet my mom and see what we are knitting on! I’m working on a 1930’s shawl, recreated by looking at a shawl my Granny made for my Aunt Rea (my Maw Maw’s oldest sister). The yarn is Knit Picks Palette. My mom is working on a #50 ruffled shawl by Mac&Me out of Hill Country Weaver’s Peruvian wool. Finished objects – I have a pair of Turkish Bed Socks complete and mom has a shawlette, called Cassis shawlette, completed. Vintage pamphlet insert from a Feb. 1964 issue of Women’s Day magazine, which belonged to my Maw Maw.


Episode # 17 (Rodeo Time)

1 Mar

WIP – Turkish Bedsocks by Churchmouse Classics, knit in Koigu.
Finished object – Quite Continental by Book Knits, knit in Knit Picks Glimmer Stroll
Vintage book show-and-tell – Vol. 98, New Hand Knits by Fleisher, bear Brand, Botany – 1967,