Struck it Rich… at Estate Sales

30 May

Two weeks ago, my mother and I went to two estate sales in the Katy area. My mother and I often go to estate sales on the weekends and search for hidden treasures. Occasionally, I might find a vintage purse, a hankie or scarf, a piece of vintage Weiss costume jewelry, or perhaps a piece of American Fostoria to add to my collection. But normally we don’t find a much. EXCEPT for two weeks ago, when I hit the jack pot! I first want to apologize for not making this post sooner, but I’ve been a little busy lately with life in general. Anyways, we pulled up at the first estate sale and noticed no other cars were there. I checked my iPhone to see if perhaps I had the right address, right date, etc. I noticed then that this was the second weekend for the estate sale, which was a little strange, since most estate sales run for only a weekend. We had second thoughts, thinking there was probably nothing left, but then decided to take a look inside since we were already there. To our surprise, they seemed to have a lot of items still left in the house, so we started in the kitchen. In the kitchen, my mother found a glass bowl for my sister (who collects bowls) and I found some punch cups that match some glasses I already have at home. The name of the pattern escapes me at the moment. Everything was 50% off, so I bought the cups. Then we made our way to the living room, where I found a vintage knitting pattern book on a table. The lady working the check out table told me there was a whole bedroom filled with craft books. As I made my way to the bedroom, I was hoping that more knitting books would be found. To my surprise I ended up with 44 knitting/crochet booklets, most of which were vintage. Yay! I also found a few craft and sewing books.  I was so excited! Although I don’t crochet, I bought some crochet books anyways because I plan to teach myself someday. The picture above is just of half the books I found that day!

Next, my mother and I headed to the second estate sale, which was just about 5 minutes away. As we pulled up, we noticed a lot of cars. We walked in and saw a house filled with glasswares, collectibes, you name it, this person had it. As I walked into the kitchen/breakfast area, I saw it…. a vintage Necchi sewing machine! I’ve been searching for Necchi for a while now. My mother has one that my dad bought her when they got married, almost 50 years ago and it still runs like a dream. The model is a 525, which I’m not familiar with, but it’s definitely an older machine, made of heavy metal, and it says “made in Italy” on the front. It was marked $75, but once again, everything was 50% off! Oh my, what a steal! For $37.50 I got a Necchi machine and a cabinet! The only problem was it has no foot pedal, but I’m sure I can find one. I plan to take it in to Bob McDougal’s and have it serviced. They lady on the phone said she might have one in stock that will work with this machine. I can’t wait to get it serviced and try it out. I also found two candle holders in American Fostoria, at half price!

After our second estate sale, we had worked up an appetite, so we stopped at Los Cucos for lunch and split some chicken nachos. After lunch, we went into the tiny old part of Katy and went to an antique store. My mom found some replacement crystals for a lamp she has and I found a book called “My Valuable Yarn Book”, which I blogged about in a previous post. Valuable in deed! By brand, it list the ounces, yardage, fiber and class of each type of yarn. Since I knit a lot of vintage patterns, this book will be very valuable to me in helping me choose a current yarn brand for an old yarn brand the vintage pattern calls for.

Over all, we had an excellent day! I’m posting some pictures of all my goodies. Never before have I struck it rich with great finds, like I did on this day!












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