My Valuable Yarn Guide

23 May

Valuable1Last weekend was the best day for thrifting at estate sales and antique stores! More about that later in my next blog post, but I wanted to blog about my one find at an antique store, because I’m super excited about it. I found a copy of “My Valuable Yarn Guide”, ninth edition, 1988 Fall/Winter. Valuable indeed! The author is unknown and I have no idea who published this booklet. I had never seen or heard of this little booklet before, so I was curious when I saw it and picked it up. On the front cover is a conversion chart with ounces, grams, yards, and meters. Also the conversion of knitting and crochet needles and the different sizes. The inside cover lists all the different fibers that different yarns are made of, the raw state from which they come, the conductivity, strength, shrinkage of the yarn and even the flame test results of each type of yarn. The first few pages of the booklet talk about caring for your yarn and proper washing methods, etc. It also talks about how to substitute different yarns and interchange the yarns within a pattern. A glossary is also included. Then, the remaining of the book (the majority of the book) is a printed database of yarn brands, the name of each different type of yarn, its class, yardage, gauge, needle size, grams, and fibers and percentages of each yarn! This is amazing! I love to knit vintage patterns and often the vintage yarns are hard to find, so this is a wealth of information that will help me to decide what other kinds of yarns can be substituted in a pattern. For example, say a vintage knitting pattern calls for Spinnerin Yarn, Charisma. I would look under “Spinnerin”, then look for “Charisma”. I would then see that Charisma was a sport weight yarn and there was 100 yards (29 grams) per skein and that it is made of 56% acrylic and 44% nylon. How cool is that??? So out of curiosity, I did a search this morning on the internet for other copies of My Valuable Yarn Guide, and I found only two on Amazon for sell, starting at $29.99 and up. I paid $4.95 for my copy! What a bargain! I know that I will refer to this booklet time and time again and I’m so glad to have found it. It’s awesome when you find something that you didn’t even know existed and you know it will be so helpful in the future!


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