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I-Cords – A Blast from the Past!

19 Feb

IMG_2238Recently, my husband and I have been cleaning out and reorganizing our garage.  We’ve been going through old boxes that have been stored for over a year or two, and donating a lot of items we no longer need.  While working out in the garage last weekend, my husband handed me a box to go through that was given to me by my mother two years ago, when her and my dad moved to a new home.  The box had been up in their attic for years.  The box was marked “Kim’s toys”.  I opened the box and found many familiar items from my childhood, but I was ecstatic to find all my old i-cord makers.  I squealed with excitement and my husband thought I was nuts and asked me, “what are those?”   I explained and he still was not impressed.  As a child, my mom and grandmother taught me to knit.  I knitted all kinds of flat square and rectangle pieces, because my skills were limited to just knit and purl stitches.  I’m not sure why they didn’t try to teach me to increase or decrease, perhaps they thought I was too young, but I soon got bored and didn’t expand my knitting skills until I was older.  In the meantime, my mom bought me some i-cord makers and I seemed to be obsessed with them in my pre-teen years.  I would make what seemed like miles and miles of i-cords.  It’s was almost hypnotic, and somewhat relaxing, to sit in front on the tv and watch the Brady Bunch, while knitting i-cords.  I eventually got bored with those too and the i-cord makers just got packed away.

I-cords can be used for all kinds of thing, such as a drawstring, shoe laces, garland, braided belts, woven placemats, coiled rugs, potholders, coasters, etc.  If you’re creative, you can find all kinds of things to make with them!

I have knitted i-cords recently using two double-pointed needles, but I’m not the big i-cord fan I once was.  I’m not sure I’ll ever used these i-cord makers, but I still thought they were super cool and had to find somewhere to display them in my knitting/sewing room.  I cleared off a little square on one of my shelfs and found them a home.  I think they look great on my shelf.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever use them again, but I just couldn’t part with them.