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My Year in Temperatures Scarf – 2013

13 Jan


I stumbled upon this scarf idea on Ravelry, just a few days into the New Year and I knew the minutes I saw it that I HAD to knit this scarf.  The scarf is called My Year in Temperatures Scarf.  Kristen Cooper is the creator of this pattern and you can find the pattern on her blog.  Her pattern does not specify needle size or yarn weight, but the idea is so creative!  Basically, you make a chart of the temperature highs for your city.  Then you  designate a yarn color for every 5-10 degrees.  Each day you knit one row to represent the temperature high for that day.

So, for a few days I thought and thought about my scarf and wondered what weight yarn I should use?  Should I knit it flat or in the round and in what stitch pattern?  What colors should I use and should I divide up the temperatures by 5 degrees or should I make it every 10 degrees???  There was so much to think about that my mind was spinning.  I started my making my temperature chart.  Then I decided that to have a more colorful and interesting scarf, I’d knit one row for the high and one row for the low each day.  Because I wanted to knit two rows a day, I decided to go with a fingering weight so that the scarf would not end up a mile long.  Because I was using fingering yarn, I knew I wanted to use Knit Picks Palette because they have a huge selection of colors.

temp1Once the yarn arrived, I decided to knit the scarf in the round.  I plan to draw up each end of the scarf and tie on a colorful pompom, made of all the colors in the scarf, to each end.  I also decided to use duplicate stitch to stitch “Houston” onto the scarf.  I might stitch “Texas” on the other end or “2013.  I haven’t decided yet.