Ravenellic Games

13 Aug

The Ravenellic Games have ended and I knitted my way across 4 finished lines!  Yay!!!  For those of you who don’t know, every two years the members on the website Ravelry compete in an Olympic Competition of their own…. a knitting/crocheting olympics.  They compete in events such as: Charity Rowing, Double-Knit Boxing, Felted Freestyle, Cowl Jump, and Whip Wrestling.  There are over 30 events from which to choose.  I competed in the Hat Dash, Single Skein Sprint, Synchronized Stash Busting, and the Modular Relay.  I knitted a Ravenellic Malabrigo Hat, which qualified for the first three events and I knitted 10 hexipuffs for the Modular Relay.    Below are some pictures of my finished projects.  I hope to get better pictures of the hat soon.  The hat was knit from a skein of Malabrigo which was in my stash for about 3 years.  It’s knit in the pattern orchids & fairy lights, and is my second hat using this pattern.  I love, love, love this pattern and plan to knit a few more for Christmas gifts!


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