Maw Maw’s Triangle Shawl

13 Jul

Last weekend, my mother gave me a pattern, written out my by Maw Maw for a triangle shawl, which she found in some of Maw Maw’s old knitting books.  I’m assuming that my Maw Maw copied the pattern out of a book.   When I saw this pattern, I was so excited.  I wondered if Maw Maw had ever got around to knitting it?  And if she did, did she use the yarn that the pattern called for?  It called for 5 skeins of Columbia Minerva Reverie.  I knew I had to make this shawl and out of the same yarn.  Ideally, I would have loved making it out of yellow, which was Maw Maws favorite color, but knowing this yarn would be hard to locate, I was willing to make it out of any color.  I immediately went searching eBay, Etsy and Ravelry for 5 skeins.  I came across another Raveler who had 5 skeins for sale.  She sold me the yarn in the most beautiful turquoise color, and shipped it out the same day.  I was so excited yesterday to find it in my mail box.  I casted on last night with size 13US needles, so I know this will knit up quickly.  The pattern says to “increase one stitch on each side”.  It doesn’t say how to increase, so I pulled out one of my old knitting books and looked up “increase”.  The only increase method mentioned was to kfb, so that is the increase I will be using.  I can’t wait to get it made and I think I will make me a dress to wear with the shawl.  I also plan to frame the hand-written pattern and display it in my craft room.  I’ll post pictures of the finished shawl upon completion.


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