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Austin, TX… My Unplanned Mini Yarn Crawl

24 Aug

Well, the story begins with my husband taking our son back to Texas Tech.  Our son will be living off campus this year and since he goes to school 9 hours from home, we decided that my husband would ride up with him in my son’s truck and then my husband would fly back.  I’d stay home and take care of the animals because honestly, I’m not much help with moving and he didn’t have all that much anyway, as the apartment is furnished.  The truck my son would be driving is my husband’s old 1997 Ford Pick-up and we thought everything possible had been replaced on that truck (starter, transmission, tires, battery, radiator, A/C, etc.).  My husband even had the tires aligned and changed out a few hoses right before the trip just in case.  So, they leave at 1 AM Tuesday morning.  At 5 :40 AM, I get a phone call from my husband that the truck is making a horrible noise.  At 6:00 AM, my husband called again, saying they made it to Llano and will need to have it repaired while there.   So, not knowing what is wrong and not knowing if it can be repaired within a short amount of time, my husband asks me to bring his truck.  So, I quickly hop out of bed, get dressed, check food and water for the cats, walk the dog, call my mom and ask her if she could come over after work to walk my dog (which she agreed) and I’m out the door.  About 45 minutes into my road trip, by husband calls to tell me it’s the ball bearing that went out and they think they can get it fixed same day.  So we decided that I should continue my trip, not knowing how long it would take to repair.  By the time I made it to Austin, my husband called and said it was fixed, it was running great and they were going to go on and go.  He apologized for making me drive to Austin, but I wasn’t upset.  I’d do anything for them and what was I to do, leave them in Llano?  So after our phone call, I thought to myself, it’s almost 10 AM and I have the day off… and I’m in Austin!  🙂  As most knitters would do, I immediately thought…. “Oh!  I can check out a yarn shop or two before heading back to Houston, so that is exactly what I did.

I visited two stores while in town.  The first was called “The Knitting Nest”.  It was an obvious choice for me because my mom keeps telling me I should name my future knitting room, “Kim’s Knitting Nest”.  What a cute store!  They had knitting art wrapped around a tree outside.  Inside  the store, I saw that they had hosted Jess and Casey from Raverly on one of their visits to Austin.  They had a nice selection of yarn, books and knitting tools/bags.  They even had some children’s books that were stories about knitting.  The owner was a very sweet lady and while talking to her, I found out that she lived in the Houston area before moving to Austin to open her knitting store.    While there, I bought a skein of sock yarn, Pagewood Farm Yukon in the Lavender Fields colorway.  It’s made of superwash merino, bamboo and nylon.  Since I’ve recently tried my hand at knitting socks, I plan on making a pair of socks with the yarn.

The second store I visited was called Guage Knitting.  This store was smaller than The Knitting Nest and they didn’t have as big of selection, but I still enjoyed looking around.  I bought two unique, hand-made buttons, which the lady at the store told me they were made by a local artist.  I can’t recall the artist’s name.  I also found a bin of partly used yarn that they were selling by the ounce.  I found a skein of sock yarn for my Beekeeper’s Quilt.  It only cost me $1.97 for the skein and I really wish they had more scraps to pick from. 

On my way home I stopped by Southside BBQ in Elgin, TX for a sandwich and tea.  Overall, my day was wonderful.  I had planned to sleep in and run a few errand and do some cleaning around the house, but the emergency trip to Austin was a great treat because of the yarn stores I got to visit.   That evening, I knitted up a hexi for my blanket with the new scrap sock yarn.