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My Maw Maw’s Love for Knitting

15 Jul

I have my Maw Maw to thank for my love of knitting.   My Maw Maw is my maternal grandmother.  As a kid, I was mesmerized by her knitting skills.  Boy did the stitches just fly off her knitting needles.  I always wondered how she could knit so fast?  I would pull up one of her stackable cushioned stools she kept by the window, and sit at her feet, along with her black poodle, Gidget, and watch her knit.  She eventually taught me to cast on and knit.  Since that was all I could do, I eventually lost interest in my knitting and took to climbing trees with my cousins, but I still enjoyed watching her knit.  I don’t recall ever visiting my Maw Maw and not seeing her with some sort of knitting project.  She would knit every night while watching TV with my Paw Paw.   She made all of us grandchildren (nine of us) a sweater at one time or another.  She also knitted drink cozies, afghans, finger puppets, hand puppets and other stuffed toys.  Before she passed away in 1992, she knitted me an afghan, which I still use and cherish to this day.  She knitted mostly using acrylic yarn, as that was so popular in the 70’s and 80’s.   I plan to display some of her work in my craft room someday.  When she passed away, my mother (who is also a knitter) gave me some of my Maw Maw’s knitting needles.  At that time, I was knitting mostly scarves because of my limited skills.  About 7 or 8 years ago, I picked up knitting again and I’m now knitting alot more that just scarves.  I’m totally obsessed with knitting and like my Maw Maw, I don’t sit down at night without knitting on something.

I think of her often when I knit and I recall those precious times when I would sit as a child at her feet and watch her knit.  I tend to pick yellow yarn often without thinking.  But as I knit, I recall that yellow was her favorite color… and it makes me smile.  If she were here today, I know she’d love to visit some of the LYS.  In her day, you could only buy yarn at craft stores, such as Michael’s and Lee Ward’s. She’d be so surprised to see all the different yarns and patterns that are out nowadays.  She was amazing, not only as a knitter, but as a grandmother as well.  I miss her very much, and I’m so grateful that she passed on her love of knitting to me.

Summer is here!

13 Jul

Finally, summer is here, but for me it’s already half over!  My how time flies!  

I guess I’ve been a little preoccupied lately with all the goings on at home.  First, we moved our son home from his freshman year at college.  Then, I finished up my second year of teaching.  Next, my sister came in town to visit for almost a month and the rest of her family will arrive on Saturday to spend a week before they all head back to California.  In two weeks we will be attending our daughter’s college graduation.  After that, she will be home for a week or two before starting her new job.  And after that, hubby will be moving our son back to college to start his sophomore year.   I’m hoping that I will have a job come September, as enrollment is down at the small private school where I teach.  There will not be a 5th grade next year, as far as I know, but I’m hoping to teach another grade.

I had planned on fixing up my long-awaited craft room this summer, but with being so busy, I might have to  hold off until our daughter moves into her own place and gets settled and our son is back at college.  Hopefully, I can at least get started on it before the holidays roll around.   We had a water leak on the ceiling (because of the A/C unit in the attic) and hubby did a bad patch job.  I’d like to sand and re-texture the ceiling, then paint and get new carpet before adding some furniture for the room.  I also have to wait until our daughter takes the bed and dresser, as it takes up most of the tiny room.  In the meantime, I’ve been organizing my yarn, fabric, needles, books/magazines, and sewing patterns and de-stashing yarn, fabric and supplies I no longer need.  My craft closet is stacked to the ceiling and barely shuts.   I have to pull everything out to get to things, so I’ve been discouraged with my knitting and sewing.   I’m a little upset because I have some ideas for designing some knitting patterns, but I can hardly get in the closet to get what I need and I need a space where I can leave my work out.  Oh well, I guess Fall will be here before we know it, and I certainly hope so, as today was 100F.

I am knitting on a vintage cardigan at the moment.  I found the pattern in a 1964 Vogue Knitting Magazine and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.  I can’t wait to wear it and might wear it to the graduation over a sleeveless black dress if I can finish it in time.  It’s a lacy cardigan, made of cotton fingering yarn and I found a really neat vintage purse that matches the yarn perfectly.  I really hope I can finish it in time.  I’ll be sure to blog and post pictures of the cardigan soon. 

Thanks for reading… I hope everyone is having a fun, safe, and productive summer!  🙂